Super Access Plus Savings Account

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Why wouldn’t you choose a savings account that brings together the flexibility of a current account and the advantages of a deposit? 

Moreover, you can deposit or withdraw money whenever you want.


  • Currency: Lei, Euro, Usd.
  • Maturity: unlimited.
  • Minimum opening amount: not required.
  • Interest is calculated daily and capitalized monthly in the savings account.
  • Interest rate: variable, corresponding to the account’s balance.


  • 0 commission for opening or closing the account.
  • Unlimited access to your savings. You can deposit or withdraw money whenever you want.
  • No minimum amount required to set up an account.
  • You can set free automatic monthly transfers from other current accounts you have with Raiffeisen Bank to your Super Access Plus account.

Special offer for Employees and Pensioners

Choose to receive your salary/pension in a Raiffeisen Bank current account and you can save money in Lei or Euro in a special saving account.
This saving account offers you a preferential interest rate, up to 0.20% higher than the standard interest rate for Lei or Euro saving accounts.

Interest Rates

How do you open a Super Acces Plus savings account?

You can open a Super Acces Plus by visiting any of Raiffeisen Bank branches. Everything is simple, as you just need to have your personal ID and fill a contract form. 

Or you can use Raiffeisen Online (internet banking), Raiffeisen Smart Mobile (mobile banking) or Raiffeisen Direct (phone banking) to open your Super Acces Plus Account.
How do you receive information regarding your saving account?

Raiffeisen Bank branches: you have acces to your Super Acces Plus account in any of the over 500 branches of Raiffeisen Bank from all over the country.

Raiffeisen Direct: you just have to make a simple call and you can receive information and make transactions.

Raiffeisen Online: internet banking service which offers you non-stop access to your Super Acces Plus account. All transactions are made in real time.

Raiffeisen Smart Mobile: mobile banking service that allows you to be connected to your Super Acces Plus account by using your smart mobile phone anywhere, roaming included.

SmartTel: service that offers you information about your Super Acces Plus account through your mobile phone. No matter your network, you can receive a SMS with the information you need (balance, last 5 transactions, etc) 

Enjoy safety, flexibility and good interest rates!

General information: 0800 802 02 02
Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 22:00; Saturday: 9:00 - 17:30.
Toll free number, no prefix, can be dialled from anywhere in Romania from Telekom Romania network.

Technical support: 004 021 306 3002
Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 22:00; Saturday: 9:00 - 17:30.
Regular charge number can be called from any network, from inside the country or abroad.

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