Raiffeisen Online

Everyone has different needs and we're always trying to make banking easier for all our customers. Raiffeisen Online is the quick, easy and secure way to do almost all of your banking. It's real-time and always open. Just click and wherever you are, your bank is closer.

Few of us have lives that fit neatly with bank opening hours. With Raiffeisen Online your bank is always open. All the things you do over the counter you can do sitting at home while watching TV.


  • Real time banking
  • Lower commissions: 50 % lower than at the branch
  • Save time. You don't need to queue at the branch
  • Bank when you want, day and night, wherever it suits you. Opened 24/7
  • Take control. Pay bills and check statements instantly
  • Have security with our encrypted communication (SSL secured 128 bit) and unique passwords to access your accounts and authorise the transactions which incorporates the latest security technology
  • Enjoy flexibility. You can still use branches and cash machines
  • Give us your email address and get email updates

What does Raiffeisen Online offer you?

  • Enjoy banking anywhere and anytime 24/7!
  • Maximum security for all banking operations insured by the authentication method for all transactions. The authentication process requires the card reader and the debit card.
  • You can view your accounts balances and transactions history anytime. All of your transactions are made in real time and the accounts balances are constantly updated.
  • You can make intrabanking or interbanking payments in Lei(and/or schedule them to be carried out automatically in the future) to your accounts or to other accounts.
  • You can make intrabanking payments in foreign currency(and/or schedule them to be carried out automatically in the future) to your accounts or other accounts.
  • You can make payments for treasury accounts.
  • You can pay utility bills to suppliers that have an agreement with Raiffeisen Bank. Even more, the bank can make the payment for you.
  • You can predefine beneficiaries for intrabanking and interbanking payments.
  • You can open or close time deposits.
  • You can open saving current accounts
  • You can apply for a debit card attached to your current account
  • Shares subscription for the investments founds of Raiffeisen Asset Management
  • You can activate Raiffeisen Smart Mobile service. You have the possibility to predefine the user code or password to access Raiffeisen Smart Mobile.
  • You can make foreign exchanges between your account , and “cross currency” between currencies
  • Transfer between your accounts
  • You can choose nicknames for your accounts so you can identify it more easily
  • You have access to the entire history of your online activity (up to 6 months). Also you can save transactions history on your computer.
  • You can obtain the statement for a specific period
  • Consult the statements generated for your current and saving accounts
  • You can make transactions at night or on weekends, thus having access to the private information about your accounts anytime and anywhere. However for technical reasons, the service can be shut down during the night, for a short time. 

How can you become a client? 

In order to become a client of our Internet banking service you need:

  • At least one RON current account and one debit card at Raiffeisen Bank;
  • Sign the contract for Raiffeisen Online at any of our branches.

Get your internet banking now!

Just click and your bank is closer wherever you are through our Internet banking service, Raiffeisen Online  www.raiffeisenonline.ro

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    EUR/RON 4.3950
    USD/RON 4.1250
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    EUR/USD 1.0341
    EUR/CHF 1.0662
    EUR/GBP 0.6900

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    EUR/RON 4.5150
    USD/RON 4.2500
    CHF/RON 4.1220
    EUR/USD 1.0945
    EUR/CHF 1.1336
    EUR/GBP 0.7253

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