Raiffeisen Capital Management

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Austria's market leader and up-and-coming player on the European investment fund market.

Raiffeisen Capital Management (RCM) was founded in 1985 and is the clear number one for investment funds in Austria with a market share of 23.4 per cent and total assets under management of roughly EUR 45 billion (as of 31 July 2007). In addition to its activities on its home market, Raiffeisen is now also one of the leading providers of investment funds in Central and Eastern Europe. As of the end of March 2007, RCM managed 15 per cent of its total funds volume (EUR 6.4 billion) for international clients. Two-thirds of all new business is also generated outside of Austria.
The quality and strategy leader
RCM has committed to a clear focus on quality in order to ensure its long-term success on a very competitive market. It continually optimises its investment and organisational processes, employs modern risk management methods and adheres to high transparency standards to guarantee a high level of security for its clients. In 1999, RCM was the first asset manager in Austria to attain GIPS certification and was also one of the first investment fund companies in Europe to bind itself to this international performance standard.
Standard & Poor’s has regularly awarded Raiffeisen security funds top ratings since 2002. Raiffeisen-Euro-Bonds has been rated "triple A" since 2004, and was the first euro bond fund from an Austrian investment company to attain this rating. As of 31 July 2007, one Raiffeisen fund is rated "triple A", 15 "double A" and two "single A". This annual rating, which is also indicative of a company's ability to repeat past successes in the future, makes RCM one of the best asset management companies in Europe.
The security of the market leader
Investors in Raiffeisen funds profit from the security of Austria's largest bank group. Major corporations also trust in Raiffeisen's expertise – the bank's market share in this segment is 27 per cent, nearly 10 per cent better than the number two. Institutional clients especially include insurance companies, pension funds and banks. RCM counts among its clients eight of eighteen pension funds in Austria.
Focused internal and external core competencies
All areas in which the in-house fund management team have special expertise are directed from Vienna. This includes the management of bond funds. In the equity funds segment, RCM has been a recognised specialist for emerging Europe for a number of years and has already earned the solid trust of many investors in Austria and abroad. Further equity fund management focuses are Eurasia, European small caps and RCM's home market Austria. (Raiffeisen's security funds are almost all denominated in EUR.)
RCM supplements these internal competencies by working together with outstanding partners including Capital International, one of the largest and most respected US equity fund managers (which manages global and regional equity products for RCM) and Wellington Management, LLP, a specialist for sector funds.
Investment philosophy and performance quality
The high performance quality of Raiffeisen fund products is well documented by continuous top placement in peer-group comparisons and general performance rankings across a wide variety of categories.

The overall performance of Raiffeisen's fund managers earned RCM a Standard & Poor's Award as the best among all authorised fund issuers in Austria for the first time in 2001, and many subsequent awards have confirmed this top position. In 2005, RCM was named the best fund company over a period of five years not only for Austria but also for Germany and Italy at the Standard & Poor's Awards, the "Oscars" of the investment fund sector. This top ranking was confirmed again in Austria and Italy in 2006.

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